Understanding .NET, Second Edition

Understanding .NET, Second Edition
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ISBN 0321194047

There are plenty of books that provide detailed examinations of each facet of the enormous .NET crystal. Yet understanding .NET as a whole is essential before delving more deeply into any part of this technology.

To help achieve this, Understanding .NET, Second Edition provides a big-picture introduction to the .NET Framework. Whether you’re a developer just getting started with .NET, a technical manager who needs to make decisions about these technologies, or a student seeing some of these ideas for the first time, this book will be a useful guide. And because really understanding a technology requires knowing not just how things work but also why they’re important, the book includes a number of Perspective boxes, providing opinions and analysis on this large family of technologies.

Review Comments, Second Edition

"A terrific survey of and orientation to .NET technology"
-C# Onlne.NET

"This is a fantastic book, and a must read for developers who need to get to grips with .NET development"
- Andrew Couch, UK Access User Group

"It's always great when a book you really appreciate shows up in a second edition that's even better than its predecessor. That's indisputably the case with David Chappell's Understanding .NET, Second Edition."
- Ed Tittel, author and consultant

"It’s still the one indispensable .NET book for managers, decision makers, and strategists"
- Barnes and Noble review by Bill Camarda, IT consultant and author

Review Comments, First Edition

"An outstanding primer for every developer and decision maker ... insights that will be invaluable to every Microsoft IT shop. It's not just a tour, it's a tour de force."
- Barnes and Noble review by Bill Camarda, IT consultant and author

"The best introduction to the .NET framework I've seen", "*****"
- Mitch Tulloch,

"For web strategists and for developers, Understanding .NET is critical to seeing where the next generation of web development is headed"
- Andrew Allentuck,

"A lucid overview . . . highly recommended for all libraries"
- Library Journal

"An excellent introduction"

"As an architect, developer, and author I give this book my highest recommendation. If you are trying to get your fingers around the .NET platform, this is the book you should read."
- Richard Monson-Haefel, author of Enterprise JavaBeans (O'Reilly)

Table of Contents

  • Introducing .NET
  • The Common Language Runtime
  • .NET Languages
  • Surveying the .NET Framework Class Library
  • Building Web Applications: ASP.NET
  • Accessing Data: ADO.NET
  • Building Distributed Applications